Monday, June 13, 2016

Personal Philosophy of Ed Leadership

Recently for a college application I was required to articulate my educational leadership philosophy and goals. Personally, I think it is a comprehensive description of my many convictions and beliefs that drives me professionally. Also, and maybe more important, I thought it could be a really good first blog post EVER!

Personal Philosophy of Educational Leadership and Goals
Imagine an educational leader as the captain of a boat. It takes a leader to aim the boat in the right direction, unite the deck hands over a common purpose, and ensure that the boat is traveling in the intended direction along the way. This broad-based, simplistic illustration describes how a forward thinking educational leader must always build toward a united shared vision. School leaders must possess or acquire a skill set to accomplish that vision; and maintain an unyielding persevering attitude of optimism and excellence to get there.
Educational leaders must possess an internal drive, think with initiative, and be bold in their beliefs and direction. Leaders must be selfless with a servant’s heart and understand that their hard work and effectiveness will become the fruit of another’s tree. As an educational leader I am committed to moral leadership, academic excellence, personal and professional growth, and treating all with respect and dignity. I believe that through this strong foundation leaders should strive to inspire daily by modeling work ethics, developing relationships with staff and students, openly and honestly communicating with all stakeholders, and having a restless mindset in their pursuit to always acquire more knowledge. I believe that the most effective mode of leadership utilizes stakeholders to share in the decision-making process. It is through this mode of leadership, that leaders are able to cultivate stronger ownership while simultaneously fostering a collaborative and engaging climate.
As an educational leader I will relentlessly pursue perfection by promoting 21st century skills. My staff will relentlessly pursue every student with the use of data-driven decisions. We will create a safe and nurturing environment where anything below excellence is unacceptable. We will establish a student-centered learning environment with a focus on learning not teaching. We will teach the whole student. We will celebrate diversity while fostering relationships with all students and staff. We will establish relationships with the community. We will interject technology ubiquitously. We will reward and celebrate success.
Finally, I believe that education is the vehicle for people to explore their passions and purpose, develop critical skills, and become a productive informed citizen. It is my job to ensure all learners will explore, experience, and learn through a myriad of opportunities delivered in an educational setting. As the leader I understand that a student is more than a number, he or she is person whom I have an opportunity to help grow. Leadership in that sense may start at the top, but it can be felt through each individual student. As an educational leader I am not trying to match the status quo. No, I want to transform the lives of all I come in contact with and be a visionary for educational progress.

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